Our Mission

Bringing smiles to dining tables all around the world


Cooking with your own hands is a fun and fulfilling experience for all human beings, whether you are having a quick meal by yourself or a full meal with friends and family. ABC Cooking Studio started its business in Japan with this simple concept: “Food is the most important thing to one’s healthy life, so it should be communicated to everyone”. We believe that cooking can be a pleasant gathering opportunity with your friends and cooking a nice meal at home for your beloved ones will bring you the most happiness in the world. We aim to bring happiness to dining tables with smiles all over the world.

Our Services

Use our studios as a showcase

We provide worldwide platform to showcase attractiveness of your products. Our reliability assure quality of products.

Promotion, Tailor-made lesson

Our recipes draw out the best of your product.

We provide attractive recipes that make people interested in. It tells your philosophy and create new value of your brands, products and services.

Recipe development

Our studios are the place to connect people.

We provide our fully customizable studios which have connected many people, producers and countries via foods.

Cooking workshop, Seminar, Tasting event, Business matching

Use our resources to appeal to your target

Our influential ad resources such as digital signage in studios, official website and eNewsletter enhance attraction of our students to your products and brand.

Digital signage, eNewsletter, Banner advertising on HP

Outreach to market, Get real feedback

Get to touch with your target customer and correct real opinions through our studios to improve your products and services.

Business Matching

We send our instructors as an entertainer

Our talented and trained instructors not just teach cooking, they also perform as an entertainer to show cooking, dishes and your products more attractively.

Outsource instructors


We bound your team together

The goal is making delicious dish. Process is cooking! Make a strategy, communicate with others, and understand team members.

Team building

Bring Japan to the world, Invite the world to Japan!

We collaborate with public institutions and companies. Introduce about Japan and Japanese food culture and open up new possibilities of Made in Japan products and inbound business.

Made in Japan, Japan tourism related, Promotion videos, Cooking movies


ABC Worldwide Members


Our Studios

Currently we have 3 studios located at Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. With excellent access, you can organize events extremely easy.

What we offer?

  • TV
  • PA System
  • Microphone
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Tableware
  • Kitchenware
  • Kitchen taps and sinks
  • Home Appliances for Cooking

K11 Studio

Tsim Sha Tsui
(Opened in Nov 2013)

With a 3,600 sq. ft. spacious area and its highly accessible location, K11 Studio would definitely be an ideal place for organizing myriads of events. Following the Japanese style of minimalist design, the studio has an open baking area and a private cooking room, which can accommodate up to 56 participants.

Open Table
No. of table: 14
Max 56 pax

Dining Table
No. of table: 5
Max 28 pax

PMQ Studio

(Opened in July 2014)

Surrounded by over 100 stylish design studios and pop-up stores, PMQ Studio combines vintage and modern styles in three open kitchens and a private function room. The studio has a Japanese ceramic kitchenware display corner and a dining area, which are suitable for holding various medium or small scale seasonal events.

Open Table
No. of table: 6
Max 30 pax

Dining Table
No. of table: 3
Max 12 pax

CityPlaza Studio

(Opened in May 2017)

Being the largest ABC studio in HK with over 2,600 sq. ft., not only Cityplaza Studio is accessible with a 3-minute walk from MTR, but it is also well-equipped with a total of 13 cooking tables and a spacious dining area, which is surely a perfect venue for participants to gain a brand-new cooking experience.

Open Table
No. of table: 13
Max 52 pax

Dining Table
No. of table: 3
Max 24 pax

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