Price Adjustments on ABC Cooking Studio Courses [Effective from 1 June 2019]


ABC Cooking Studio 以「讓全世界的餐桌都洋溢笑容」為企業理念,務求以優質的食材及周到的服務為閣下提供稱心的學習體驗。為應對經營成本如食材及薪金等在過去兩年來持續上漲,於2019年6月1日(六)起,部分課程之價格將向上調整。

受價格調整影響的課程包括:Cooking、Cooking License、Bread Basic、Bread Riche、Bread License、Cake Basic、Cake License、Wagashi以及Kids。
(Bread Master,Cake Master以及入會費將不會受價格調整影響,敬請留意。)

今後ABC Cooking Studio會繼續為閣下提供加倍滿意的服務,衷心感謝閣下的理解及支持!

Price Adjustments on ABC Cooking Studio Courses [Effective from 1 June 2019]

ABC Cooking Studio’s mission is to “bring smiles to dining tables all around the world”. We aim to serve high quality ingredients and outstanding service in our lessons to ensure customer satisfaction. Due to the continued upward trend of operational costs like ingredients and wages, etc., despite our best efforts to balance out the costs with customer needs, we have taken the decision to adjust the price of some of our courses. The new prices will be effective from 1 June 2019.

Courses affected by this price adjustment include Cooking, Cooking License, Bread Basic, Bread Riche, Bread License, Cake Basic, Cake License, Wagashi and Kids. (There will be no price adjustment for Bread Master, Cake Master and Membership fee.)

We thank you for your understanding and continuous support to ABC Cooking Studio. ABC Cooking Studio will continue to provide more value and satisfaction to our members.