K11 Studio Renovation Notice

K11 店舖裝修通知

為配合店鋪裝修工程,K11 分店會於裝修期間暫停營業。為補償裝修期間受影響之會員,於2019年11月1日當日仍然持有有效合約之ABC會員將會獲得六個月的合約期延長。系統將於2019年11月1日進行合約延長之調整。會員可於系統調整後瀏覽會員網頁( 確認合約之有效期 (Member Center > Contract Details > Course valid thru)。

2020年,讓ABC Cooking Studio K11分店以嶄新的面貌來迎接您的光臨!

K11 Studio Renovation Notice
Thank you for your continuous support! ABC Cooking Studio is redesigning K11 Studio to become better than ever for our members. Please be informed that K11 Studio will be undergoing renovation from 1st November 2019, and will resume business once the renovation finishes, expecting to re-open on 1st January 2020.

During renovation period, K11 Studio will be temporarily closed. In order to compensate our members for the inconvenience during this renovation period, members with valid contract on 1st November 2019 will be entitled to a contract validity extension of 6 months. This validity adjustment will be done in our system on 1st November 2019. To check your contract validity after extension adjustment, please visit Member Site at “”  (Member Center > Contract Details > Course valid thru).
*This 6 months extension only applies to affected ABC members with valid contracts. Contracts that end on/before 31st October 2019 will NOT be entitled to this extension. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

ABC Cooking Studio is looking forward to serving you in 2020 with a new and better experience!