新型冠狀病毒肺炎防疫安排通知 [20.01.2021更新] COVID-19 Precautionary Measures Notice [updated as of 20.01.2021]

因應目前新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情發展,為減少社區接觸以防病毒傳播,ABC Cooking Studio將實行以下防疫措施:

• 02/12/2020起至31/01/2021,所有體驗課堂及正式課堂每堂可容納之學員人數上限將為二人。
• 02/12/2020起至31/01/2021,Kids課堂每堂可容納之學員人數上限為一人,陪行的家長人數上限也為一人。
• 02/12/2020起至31/01/2021期間已預約之課堂,我們會根據系統記錄之預約時間先後次序,將每堂第三位及第四位學員的預約取消。受影響之正式課堂將不會被扣堂,受影響之體驗課堂如未能安排改期可獲退款處理。各受影響學員會收到店員致電通知有關安排。
• 疫情期間,所有分店將暫停開放用膳區予料理學員於Studio用餐。
• 為全面防疫,疫情期間Studio將暫停提供茶水服務。Studio範圍內所有導師及學員必須配戴口罩。如非必要,所有導師及學員應儘量避免觸摸或除下口罩。
ABC Cooking Studio會與各位學員通力合作,做好一切預防傳染病的措施,與香港市民攜手抗疫。感謝大家的體諒和配合,造成不便敬請原諒。
Due to current COVID-19 situation, ABC Cooking Studio will adopt safe distancing measures to reduce the risk of transmission:
• All lessons between 02/12/2020 and 31/01/2021 (including Trial lessons and Regular Lessons), the number of participants will be 2 pax per lesson to ensure safe distancing between participants.
• The number of participants of kids lessons between 02/12/2020 and 31/01/2021. will be 1 pax per lesson. The number of anticipated parent will also be 1 pax per lesson.
• For existing bookings between 02/12/2020 and 31/01/2021, we will remove the 3rd and 4th bookings from the lesson (based on booking time) if the lesson is deemed to have more than 2 members. There will be further notice (i.e. phone calls) to affected members directly. There shall be no Cancellation Penalty to affected regular lessons. Rescheduling or refund is offered to affected trial bookings.
• During COVID-19, dine-in will not be allowed at all studios.
• To step up precautionary measures, pantry at all studios will be temporarily closed. All instructors and members must wear masks at all times. Touching or taking off masks should be avoided, if not necessary.
Depending on the latest COVID-19 situation, these measures might extend upon further notice
We thank you for your understanding and continuous support to ABC Cooking Studio. We wish you good health and happiness!